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Najib’s Expected Election Victory Aided By Past Experience


PM Najib is projected to win the upcoming GE-14. The forecast is due to Najib’s past experience which had contributed to BN’s success in the previous GE-13. There are a number of contributing factors that are worth mentioning.

In GE-13, BN won more parliamentary seats (133) than the opposition (89) despite attaining only 47.13 percent of popular votes, compared to the opposition’s 50.87 percent. Yet, it was able to form a government. This was due to the redrawing of the electoral boundaries, despite the opposition’s accusation of “gerrymandering” to favour the government. Secondly, rural Malay support for Najib is a key factor in ensuring Najib’s election victory. Najib’s BRIM policy has helped the people to trust him and not to budge from BN. The fact that 30 percent of Malaysians are living in rural areas means that they control more than half of parliamentary seats. Although the opposition has endorsed Tun M as a PM candidate for GE-14, there are still some who are skeptical of his leadership when he becomes PM again. This was due to his past experience from 1981-2003. Another factor is that former DPM Anwar Abraham will only be released after the election. This means that he will not be contesting the election. Furthermore, PAS’ split from the opposition will add advantage to BN. A three-cornered fight will split the opposition vote in favour of PAS and BN. The recently approved “fake news” laws will place the opposition under scrutiny. It will create public trust in the government against the opposition’s false accusations. Lastly, economic stability coupled with Najib’s pledge to continue socio-economic development is certain to draw greater public support for him.

In conclusion, BN has more experience than the opposition in administration. It has a good track record. Since independence, the BN-government has been implementing projects to benefit the people. Besides development, the rakyat can benefit from the creation of institutions like schools and universities, EPF, ASB, EPF and Tabung Haji.  

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