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Tun M’s Spat Against MIC To Win Indian Votes


Tun M has appealed to Indians, asking them to eliminate MIC on the grounds that the party leadership had failed to deliver. Tun M has accused former MIC leader, Samy Vellu, for not giving full attention to the welfare of the Indian community when he headed MIC during Tun’s era.

Why is Tun now going against Samy who had been loyal to him? Is Tun now raising the Indian issue in order to win Indian votes now that the general election is drawing nearer? Tun should be well aware that MIC had taken good care of Indian interests during and after Tun’s era. So Tun should never have raised this issue but to show gratitude to Samy for having guided MIC and doing his utmost to accommodate the Indians. Furthermore, MIC has been established as a component party in BN that represents the Indian community since Tunku Abdul Rahman’s time. Surely, Tun also depended on the party for Indian support when he was PM.

It seems that besides seeking Malay votes, Tun is desperate to turn away Indian support from BN to the opposition. There are some Indians who still support Najib and BN. Tun has never shown appreciation for those who had served him and for his successors, despite receiving pension from the Government for his public service. Self-interest is the motive behind Tun’s agenda. It is mainly for his own personal gains to enable him to continue his legacy. After all, he is skillful at destroying national unity by portraying himself as the only leader who is infallible, which should be followed by his successors.

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