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PH Manifesto: Can It Override BN?


The recently announced PH manifesto is a strategy by the opposition to convince the people that it will do its utmost to deliver. The manifesto itself is generally the opposite of what the present Government is doing. PH wants to show that it can perform better if it ever wins the next general election. With the new manifesto, PH hopes that the people will gradually lose faith in the Government and instead, place their trust in the opposition. This will impact negatively on BN as a coalition groupĀ  that has never failed in the past to meet he people’s expectations.

However, the people must view the Government’s policies positively. Surely, what the administration is doing is for the good of the Rakyat. There is no ill intention to burden them but to benefit them so that they can also live like other people from highly-developed countries. Since independence, the Government has been striving to develop the nation with the available resources. Evidence shows that Malaysians are benefiting from economic progress. Despite criticisms over GST, high tolls and fluctuating petrol prices, people are in reality enjoying life. They are driving luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW, and sports cars like Porsche and Ferrari on the road. Their pockets are still full! So what are they complaining about? Are they still not grateful to the Government?

The question is whether the manifesto can be implemented fully to satisfy the rakyat? To what extent will it succeed in swaying popular support away from BN? At one point, there is a need to tax people according to their income levels. The Government needs the money not for itself but to bring more benefits to the people through building of more infrastructures like railways, bridges, roads and highways to ease congestion, and of public amenities like hospitals and parks including exercise facilities in view of the growing importance of health. This is where the source of money comes from mainly to improve the county’s socio-economic conditions.

To conclude, BN has years of experience in administration. It is in fact fully aware of public needs and as such, has the resources to address the problems. Therefore, there is no need for qualm. Compared to previous leaders, Najib is very much close to the rakyat. Rest assured, he will not neglect them as he knows what he is doing despite criticisms to destroy his credibility.

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