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Najib Selling Off Malaysia To China Baseless


The Government has been overly criticized by the opposition for fostering closer bilateral ties with China. PH alleged that Najib is selling off Malaysia’s sovereignty to China by allowing Chinese investors to acquire its land for economic development purposes. They want to create a scenario that Malaysia is desperate for China’s investment, even at the cost of sacrificing its national pride. PH’s objective is to instill hatred for the Government in order to win the people’s hearts and minds before the advent of the general election.

However, such allegation is baseless. PH will not succeed in duping the people into believing that the advanced strategic relations with China mean selling off  Malaysia’s sovereignty. No! It is in fact China’s rising economic strength that prompted Najib to make a vital decision to turn to the mainland for support. It is a matter of trust between the two governments. Najib feels that  China’s investments have the potential to transform Malaysia into a highly developed country. What he is doing is not to satisfy his ego but solely for the rakyat. Mega projects like the ECRL, Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High-Speed Rail and Forest City will turn Malaysia into a world class nation at par with other industrialized countries.

Does not PH realize that it too has its own agenda when its leaders from Selangor and Penang also visited China to seek investments to develop their states? So, why all the accusations against the Federal Government? After all, it is the rakyat who will benefit from China’s investments that inject funds to stimulate the economy. The Government will never surrender Malaysia’s core political and cultural values to China, knowing well the liabilities incurred. PH should bear in mind that the current state of relations between Putrajaya and Beijing are purely economic, not political. Therefore, the rakyat need not be concerned with the impression that China has an intention to colonize Malaysia through its soft approach.

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