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Tun M’s Condemnation Of “Fake News” Laws: Strategy To Mislead People


Tun M’s condemnation of “Fake News” laws is certain to encourage the opposition to deceive the rakyat and to create instability. But being a former PM, does not Tun M realize the consequences? He should be fully aware that the laws are meant to protect national security. Tun M himself had gone through this when he was in power. 

It is obvious that Tun M is bent on Najib’s exit by the time GE-14 is held. He is therefore prepared to deploy all means to blackmail Najib and oust his Government. He is longing to return to power only to protect his own interests. Once in power, there is no doubt that he will also impose laws on “Fake News” to empower him to deal with his opponents. This is just hypocrisy.  

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