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After 15 years absence from Malaysian political arena, Tun M has portrayed himself as the ‘savior’ of Malaysia from all that is ‘evil and unjust’.

When he announced his comeback from retirement in 2016 and formed Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), Pakatan Harapan were quick to grab the opportunity to use Tun M as their front man for the upcoming GE14, dismissing the incarcerated Anwar Ibrahim to Sg. Buloh prison’s shadows.

PH even went as far as to name Tun M as their candidate for Prime Minister if PH wins the election. They are hoping to do this by breaking up the Malay voters, creating uneasiness and tension amongst Muslims and blowing sweet promises (election manifesto) in a bid to take over Putrajaya from BN.

Like all things that are too sweet to be true, they bring with them hidden dangers and risks. These promises has little or no impact whatsoever for to the Rakyat and the country. Daresay, some are even downright absurd and can destroy the economy and plunge Malaysia into the dark ages.

Here are Top 5 Dangers of PH’s ‘sweet treats’ that the public must to know:

1)  92 year old PM!

Would you want an aging, vengeful and forgetful elderly to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia and dictates the future of the Rakyat and the country? Western countries even ban elderlies from getting a driving license, let alone rule a country.

2)  Everything at a lower rate!

PH says it will reduce electricity and water charges, lower oil prices, abolish toll charges and other populist promises. Wait, then who will be paying for all of these subsidies and price cuts? The Government? And how will the Government pay for it? Wouldn’t it come from ‘poket Rakyat’ too right? So this is basically stealing from the Rakyat to make the Rakyat happy!

3)  A Strong and unified Cabinet and Government?

PH’s chosen PM candidate only plans to be in office for 2 years and then retires! The replacement PM is an ex-convict! Right now, PH are already openly fighting amongst themselves for Parliamentary and State seats! Can you imagine the chaos if they actually run the country?

4)  PH will ‘deal’ with kleptocracy?

Could PH be any more vague and unspecific? When asked how PH will deal with the issue, they immediately point figures and play the blame-game on the current administration. The Rakyat will be shocked to learn that the PH led governments (Selangor and Penang) and its leaders are far more entangled in kleptocracy then anyone else in Malaysia!

5)  Free EPL matches!

What the football? Does PH thinks that all of the country’s problems will go away with some ‘footy-magic’? I think whoever came up with this idea should be red-carded out of politics forever!

It is clear that these five dangers are already enough to sway Malaysians away from prescribing to the PH’s promises. There are several more worth mentioning here but if you still feels that PH is the best solution for country, then I suggest you to get a second opinion elsewhere.

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