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Transport minister denies ignoring plight of taxi drivers


Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai has denied allegations by a taxi drivers’ association that BN politicians had ignored their welfare and concerns. He said that the transport ministry and the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) had been working hard to help taxi drivers and have had many dialogues and interactions with them. “I think SPAD has been tasked to have dialogues with them many times. RTD has also had dialogues with them. “So this kind of dialogue must be seen as the government’s action,” Liow told FMT. He said the government had always taken into consideration all the views of the taxi associations. “They can make a request and we always heed them. “We always welcome this kind of dialogue or town hall meetings.”

Liow urged taxi drivers who wish to meet the transport ministry or SPAD to come up with constructive suggestions and views. He said with the rapid change in technology, the taxi drivers ought to embrace the changes, including the introduction of taxi apps. Liow said the government was now helping taxi drivers to modify the way they did their business. This was the reason why SPAD is amending the law to register Uber and Grab services to allow them and taxis to operate on an equal platform. A taxi drivers’ association earlier today said BN politicians had not spoken up for the welfare of taxi drivers and the concerns they have, questioning if the ruling government wanted their support in the coming general election. Klang Valley Taxi Association chairman Zailani Isa Usuludin said not a single BN politician had shown any interest in the welfare of taxi drivers in the country. “No BN politician has approached us and asked about the plight of taxi drivers. “Instead, only opposition party leaders have shown an interest and were present during our demonstrations,” Zailani said today at an assembly by the Malaysia Taxi Drivers Congress held at the Civic Centre in Petaling Jaya today. In March, taxi operators and drivers gathered to protest against the Uber and Grab e-hailing services in front of the Parliament building after submitting three memorandums. About 200 drivers came and protested, occupying the pedestrian path on the left and right side of the bridge leading to the Parliament building main gate. – FMT

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