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MAS: Disasters & Flying High


Looking back in the past years, Malaysia made headlines due to the multiple disasters involving our national carrier Malaysia Airlines. It was a pure coincidence flight MH17 was shot down by separatists in Ukraine just months after MH370 went missing from the radars. I pity Malaysia Airlines, but I have to admit that our government did great to lift itself through the two ordeals and to help stabilize our ailing national airline, albeit with a lot more work to do of course.

In the last few days, I can’t help to notice how Malaysia Airlines again made international headlines because a Sri Lankan guy “threatened to detonate a bomb” in its plane last week. This madness, again, involved our beloved Malaysia Airlines. Coincidence or not, it came at a time when the company is trying to recover from its extensive losses over the years. The crew and passengers did really well to pin the guy down while the plane landed back safely in Melbourne. But the fact that the incident again occurred in a Malaysian Airlines flight still puzzles me.

MAS’s Boeing 747-400. Image via

I can still remember the days when Malaysia Airlines was the king of the skies. The red logo on its planes in the past changed to blue as it coped to survive the financial crises over the years that plagued the whole region. CEOs changed, MAS sold a number of its fleet including two of its airbuses, 6,000 MAS staff had to be offloaded and the company even changed its name in order to build back its business. The latest “bomb threat” incident is not helping the company at all but us Malaysians should stand together to defend this national icon that had carried the Malaysian brand-name worldwide.

Throughout my experience travelling in other flights across the globe, MAS still has the best cabin crew. Bias or not, the food in MH is still as superb as ever. Am proud of you Malaysia Airlines! May you recover well from the ongoing sickness and continue to fly us Malaysians worldwide!

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